Diet Plans – Diabetes Snacks — What About Sugary Treats?

I’m sure we all have heard that a person with diabetes should not have any sugar. I know that whenever I was around anyone who had diabetes and I saw them eating sweets my initial outburst of words was “aren’t you not supposed to eat sugar?” Well that theory has proven true for a while; however, now days most experts agree that a small amount of sweets is fine as long as the person otherwise maintains a healthy weight loss diet. That is something I did not know. Apparently, sweets do not raise your blood sugar any more than starch products with similar amount of calories. Sugar is just another type of a carbohydrate. However, it is important not to overindulge in sweets if you want to achieve fast weight loss and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
The best way not to overindulge is to read food labels. By reading the labels you know exactly how much sugar and how many carbs you are consuming. You should also learn to substitute. For instance, if you know that you will be consuming a cookie or two, try to eliminate something else from your diet that day (perhaps instead of potatoes with lean poultry you will have just the poultry). You should also keep in mind that sugary foods can be fattening. Weight gain is very bad for diabetics. So if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, try to be smart about your intake of sweets. There are also diet pills that can act as a carb-blocker and make the whole process easier on your body.
And last but certainly most important, when consuming sugary snacks be sure to check your blood sugar frequently. It is also wise to discuss any diet changes with your doctor. Your doctor will explain any health related or weight loss diet related concerned pertaining specifically to your type of diabetes.

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