Diet Tips – Holiday Weight Gain: How to Deal?

Thanksgiving and the onset of the holiday season is less that a month a way. Winning the battle of will power come cookie season involves a little planning and preparation but will be worth it come January. The following weight loss diet tips will help to keep from over indulging on sweets and packing on the pounds.

  1. Limit the quantity of what you eat
    Let’s face it, eating is a big part of the holiday season. It seems as though as soon as we walk through the door someone is offering us something to eat or drink. We don’t have to refuse all together, but moderation is the weight loss tip here. Deciding to have one cookie is ok, deciding to have one tray of cookies is not. There are natural diet pill supplements containing Hoodia gordonii that can help stave off your food cravings.
  2. Sit far away from the sweets
    Don’t sit in front of a tray of sweets. It will only temp you to give in and load up your plate with unnecessary calories. Make sure when you do grab a plate of cookies that you limit yourself to a few and that you don’t go back for seconds.
  3. Choose healthy alternatives
    When faced with choices, chose the healthy alternative. If there are vegetables being offered, load your plate up with carrots and celery. Just remember to go easy on the dip. Also, cheeses and meats, while moderation is required offer much more significance nutrition wise since they contain such elements as calcium and protein where as the empty calories of cookies do not.
    Finally, the most important fast weight loss tip this season is to not give up. If you happen to slip up and over indulge here and there remember that it is not the end of the world. Picking up and immediately starting over will get you back on track and keep you from spending too much time beating yourself up for something that happened in the past. Conquering the battle of the bulge this holiday season is not impossible; it just takes a little planning and will power.

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