Diet Tips – Your Weight Loss Problem Depends On Your Metabolic Rate

Weight Loss ProblemThe key to lose fat is to unlock the metabolic protection. Why is that? Because our body metabolism is the first thing that prevent us to lose fat and weight. No matter how hard you try to stick to a calorie-counting diet or calorie-reduction weight loss program, you won’t achieve your goal as long as you don’t understand this. God created human body’s metabolism to control our weight. That’s why it always need more time to lose or gain weight.

When we consume more fat than we actually need, our body will store it for emergency needs. When you feel so hungry then your body will “consume” the excess fat. That’s what I mean with the emergency need. Now, to reduce this excess fat until we have almost none of them is not a difficult part. You just need to increase the metabolism rate but eat less fat than your usual proportion.

I have some good tips that might interest you. Always remember to take action because it’s easy to read theory but it’s uneasy to practice these tips.

-Always eat when you feel hungry

Wait a minute, I’m not telling you to eat unhealthy snacks. I know we always want to eat when we feel hungry. The point here is to increase your fat-burning metabolism by eat when we feel hungry BUT do not eat until you feel so full. Just try to eat healthy snacks like apple, banana, or salad when ever you feel hungry (beside in your meal time, of course)

-Never skip breakfast

Most Americans skip their breakfast or they only eat some instant cereals because they need to go early to their office. This is bad and not a good habit. To get the best result in your diet, of course you need to eat properly in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Try to wake earlier, maybe at 5 AM, then cook your own meal.

-Fiber and iron

Foods which contain fiber and iron are extremely important. Usually we forget about this. Shellfish, bean, lean meats, and unripe banana are the best examples. You should eat this kind of foods regularly. By consuming them, you can upgrade your oxygen level so you will get better circulation and metabolism rate.

There are more tips to lose fat in choosing the right meals for you. Of course obesity is all about metabolic rate. If you never have enough time to do exercises and cook healthy foods, let some professionals do it for you. You may need some weight loss pills to help you lose weight. If these pills can’t help you, find help from real professional.

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