Diet Tips – The Reality Of Liposuction

Honestly speaking, the best candidates for liposuction are those who have a good habit of exercise and just have a couple trouble spots.  However, most liposuction patients don’t fit into that category obviously.  The problem is that your body is used to having a set number of fat cells that expand or contract according to various things.  It doesn’t mean you will be skinnier at all.  But when you take them out, well, that’s not a good thing so much.  It could actually make it harder in diet and exercise and it may even create trouble spots that you never had before, even when you actually diet and exercise as you should.  The reality is that as you age, you will naturally gain more weight.  But you can still control it with diet and exercise.  The simple truth is that you should avoid liposuction.  If you are overweight, it is not the magical answer, and if you are a workout type with a couple trouble spots, it could create other trouble spots for you in the long term route of things.  So before you really think about it, look into a study published in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery which surveyed 209 patients, and they found that after 2 years, 81% didn’t lose any weight and 43% actually gained more weight.  Look at the whole picture.

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