The Truth about “the celebrity Diet Pill”

From the first time I stumbled upon Metabo Speed XXX something just didn’t sit right. Now at the time I was not entirely sure what was not sitting right, but I decided dig in a little to this so called celebrity diet pill.

The first thing I did was look into their so called celebrity “testimonials”. They have two major celebrities listed specifically for Metabo Speed XXX; Oprah Winfrey, and Bette Midler. However the biggest problem I had was the Oprah “testimonials” actually had no place where Oprah or Bette Midler actually said that she used Metabo Speed XXX, in fact all heresay and rumor had been published in some magazine.

So I guess we can overlook slightly shady word of mouth advertising as I mean they never actually say anywhere that they have actually endorsed their product. In fact, all over their website they have the following disclaimer:

“* These celebrities have been associated with products we sell, or specific ingredients contained within our products. This does not imply that they either endorse or promote any of these products unless otherwise specified.”

Again nothing overtly wrong with this otherwise they wouldn’t exist but come on that seems just a little wanting to me especially when their website is covered in pictures of these so called “beautiful people”.

Also as a side note it appears that a lady who says they pulled her picture off the internet made up a false name and wrote their own testimonial for a product she never used is currently suing them.

Anyways let’s have a look at the ingredients:

35 mg of calcium and 25 mg of Phosphorous administered in the form of dicalcium phosphate are included in their blend. However from what I could find there doesn’t appear to be that much in the way of weight loss benefits associated with calcium although there was one study I could find where certain forms of Phosphorous were beneficial to weight loss however these types were left out of the formula.

800mg of Guarana Extract:

This is your good ole standard caffeine by a fancier cooler sounding name. Definitely we know that caffeine is one of the few substances out there with a long standing reputation within the diet supplement industry. So here is a average ingredient with a cooler sounding name. (an average cup of coffee contains 102-200 mg of caffeine, Mountain Dew Cola has about 54 mg…)

200 mg of Bitter Orange Extract:

Once again they have taken what is probably the most misleading name to make you think it is some new or exotic ingredient when in fact it is again a very common ingredient, Synepherin. There is definite promise for this product as a fat burner, however there are limited results and studies to base any claims on.

160mg Proprietary Blend:

Now, this is the companies way of nicely saying we aren’t going to tell you how much of these are in our product. This blend includes the following in undisclosed amounts of; Green Tea, Korean Ginseng, Garcinia Cambogia, white willow bark (basically herbal aspirin), Bee Pollen, and Cellulose. Now while none of these are bad ingredients in fact several including Green Tea are great additions to any fat burner. However, the quantities of these that can be included are nowhere near enough to provide any type of noticeable benefits.

So while Metabo Speed advertises itself as the fat burner of the stars I have serious reservations regarding a company that uses these rather misleading advertising schemes to sell their pills. If a company were to just put the best ingredients into a pill and sell as such wouldn’t that be better?

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