How Much Ketone is Right for Me?

A lot of speculation has been put on how much raspberry ketone you should take per day. Most numbers consistently put the recommend raspberry ketones dosage at 100-200mg per day, but numbers up to 1,000mg have been seen. So to clear up the confusion, here is the recommended dosage.

For adults, take two 100mg raspberry ketone supplements before breakfast and lunch. If you want to switch the meals to breakfast and dinner you may do so. However, research shows that raspberry ketone is most effective when taken before breakfast and lunch.

Dr. Oz’s weight loss expert and frequent guest Lisa Lynn, confirms that this dosage provides the best results. In her tests she altered the amount of raspberry ketone taken and also adjusted the times. She noted that the best combination was a 100mg raspberry ketone supplement before breakfast and lunch.

Other studies also confirm this theory. In a double-blind study, the effects of different dosages of raspberry ketone were observed. Patients were given either a 50mg, 100mg, or 125mg raspberry ketone. After twelve weeks, the participants were weighed again. Researchers found that the 100mg lost the most weight and attributed the dosage as the cause.

Researchers believed that 50mg was too weak to provide the serious results that people desired. Likewise, researchers felt that 125mg was too much raspberry ketone. They noted that the body could not absorb all the raspberry ketone and it was therefore wasted. Therefore, they recommend that 100mg be taken for the best results.

Raspberry ketone dosage is important to ensure you receive enough raspberry ketone. After all, raspberry ketone is the key to burning fat, so your primary goal should be taking enough of it on a regular basis. When purchasing a raspberry ketone supplement, pay attention to the ingredients and how much raspberry ketone is included per capsule. Doing so will help you choose a higher quality raspberry ketone supplement.

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With raspberry ketone, you can change your life. Thousands of people worldwide are starting to use raspberry ketone to assist in weight loss and finally seeing results. Stop fighting fat by yourself – arm yourself with raspberry ketone and start melting away stubborn fat that you’ve always wanted to get rid of.

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